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2022-2023 Materials

Getting Started
SSH Key Set-up Instructions
Lab Machine SSH Protocols

* = Python Essentials
** = Data Science Essentials

Junior Labs

For BYU students, customized Volume 1 data files can be found here and Volume 2 data files can be found here.
For Prospective Adopters, Volume 1 and 2 data files can be found here.
***Labs are due at 9:00 am 1 week after they are assigned unless the next week is a slack week, then it is 2 weeks after. For example, UNIX Shell 1 is due on September 6th, but Linear Transformations is due October 11th.

Fall Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 1 Lab (Tuesday)Volume 2 Lab (Thursday)
108/29/2022**UNIX Shell 1*Intro to Python
209/05/2022*Standard Library*NumPy
409/19/2022*Exceptions/IO*Unit Testing
509/26/2022Linear TransformationsLinked Lists
610/03/2022SLACK DAYBSTs
710/10/2022Linear SystemsSLACK DAY
810/17/2022The QR DecompositionNearest Neighbors
910/24/2022Least Squares and Computing EigenvaluesBreadthFirstSearch
1010/31/2022Image SegmentationMarkov Chains
1111/07/2022The SVD and Image Compression**UNIX Shell 2
1211/14/2022Facial Recognition using EigenfacesSampling
1411/28/2022*Data VisualizationDFT

Winter Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 1 (Tuesday)Volume 2 (Thursday)
201/16/2023*Into to SymPyPolynomial Interpolation
301/23/2023DifferentiationGaussian Quadrature
401/30/2023Newton's MethodLine Search
502/06/2023Conditioning and StabilitySLACK DAY
602/13/2023Monte Carlo Integration**Regular Expressions
702/20/2023Visualizing Complex FunctionsGradient Descent
802/27/2023PRESIDENTS DAYSimplex
903/06/2023The PageRank AlgorithmOpen Gym
1003/13/2023*ProfilingConvex Opt with CVXPY
1103/20/2023SLACK DAYNMF
1203/27/2023**SQL 1Interior Point 1
1304/03/2023**SQL 2Dynamic Programming
1404/10/2023Iterative SolversPolicy Iteration

Senior Materials
For BYU Students, customized Volume 3 data files can be found here and Volume 4 data files can be found here.

Fall Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 3 (Tuesday)Volume 4 (Thursday
108/29/2022Pandas 1: IntroAnimation
209/05/2022Pandas 2: PlottingIntro to IVP and BVP Solvers
309/12/2022Pandas 3: Grouping and Pivot TablesSIR
409/19/2022Info + WordleIVP
509/26/2022Pandas 4: GeopandasWeight Loss
610/03/2022Data Cleaning and FESLACK DAY
710/10/2022SLACK DAYLorenz
810/17/2022SKLearn and LSIBifurcation
910/24/2022ParallelFinite Difference
1010/31/2022OLSWave Eqn
1111/07/2022Logistic RegressionHeat Eqn
1211/14/2022Naive BayesAnisotropic
1411/28/2022RF and Decision TreesFinite Element

Winter Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 3 (Tuesday)Volume 4 (Thursday)
201/16/2023**Web Scraping/**Web Crawling/**ParallelSpectral 1
301/23/2023MetropolisSpectral 2
401/30/2023Gibbs LDAInverse
502/06/2023GMMShooting Method
602/13/2023HMMTotal Variation
702/20/2023PRESIDENTS DAYRiver Crossing
802/27/2023CDHMM - SpeechSLACK DAY
1103/20/2023PROJECTObstacle Avoidance
1203/27/2023NMF LabInverted Pendulum
1304/03/2023Deep Learning 1Timber Harvest
1404/10/2023Deep Learning 2PROJECT
1504/17/2023SLACK DAYNONE