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Student Advisory Committee of ACME


Our mission is to initiate a strong, ongoing network of students committed to apply mathematics in pursuit of academic excellence and the betterment of society.

Who can join SACME: Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis students including those who have not yet started the ACME Junior core are all welcome to join SACME.

What we do: We advise the faculty on how to make ACME better. We help students through the program, and we organize activities and events for students. We connect with alumni and other friends of ACME. Our goal is to form a strong network of students and alumni that work together to help improve ACME and to help give ACME students support and access to great opportunities both at BYU and beyond.

Questions: For any general ACME questions, or personal questions to the SACME members please send an email to We also have Pre-ACME mentoring. You can request a mentor at

Senior Class President and president of SACME – Hunter Lybbert

My name is Hunter Lybbert. I am the President of the ACME class of 2022. I am from Tacoma, Washington and I served a mission in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission from 2017-2019. My emphasis is Machine Learning and Data Science. I love roller skating, skiing, football, Settlers of Catan, and SLAB pizza. Please reach out if you have any questions about ACME, I’d love to help.

Senior Vice President SACME – Jeremy Rawlings

Hello there! My name is Jeremy Rawlings, I’m from Sacramento California, I served a mission in Torreon, Mexico from 2018-2020 and I am the Vice President of the ACME Class of 2022. My emphasis is Data Science/Machine Learning. I am dedicated to the bettering of the ACME program for mine and future cohorts. When I’m not working on ACME homework I can be found outside hiking, playing volleyball/spikeball, or playing with my brother’s dog, Lilo. Reach out to me if you have any questions about ACME. (In the ACME email)

Jakob Gertsch

Hey! My name is Jakob Gertsch. I’m from Detroit and served my mission in Fiji. I’m a pre-ACME student (currently undecided on my concentration) aiming to enter the program in Fall 2022. I am a foodie, love board games, and enjoy learning languages.

Spencer Young

Hi! My name is Spencer Young, and I’m currently a pre-ACME student (entering the program this Fall 2021). My concentration is Machine Learning and Data Science. I’m from the Seattle area originally, and served a mission in Cincinnati, Ohio from 2018-2020. When I’m not at school, I enjoy making music, playing and watching sports, and cooking (on a college budget, of course).