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Student Advisory Committee of ACME


Our mission is to initiate a strong, ongoing network of students committed to apply mathematics in pursuit of academic excellence and the betterment of society.

Who can join SACME: Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis students including those who have not yet started the ACME Junior core are all welcome to join SACME.

What we do: We advise the faculty on how to make ACME better. We help students through the program, and we organize activities and events for students. We connect with alumni and other friends of ACME. Our goal is to form a strong network of students and alumni that work together to help improve ACME and to help give ACME students support and access to great opportunities both at BYU and beyond.

Questions: For any general ACME questions, or personal questions to the SACME members please send an email to We also have Pre-ACME mentoring. You can request a mentor at

Senior Class Elections

Jeff Hansen and Dylan Skinner

Get the Chefs in the Kitchen!
If you want to make ACME not just about numbers but also about spicing up your academic journey, then vote for us – Jeff the Chef and Sous Chef Dylan! We're not your average candidates; we're the dynamic duo you need to make your ACME experience sizzle! Just like in the kitchen, where timing is everything, we're the team that gets the homework done the day it's assigned – no more last-minute cramming! And speaking of teamwork, we've always been known to lend a helping hand (or spatula) to anyone who asks on homework and labs. Need a hand with that tricky problem set? We've got your back! But it's not just about work; we're all about creating a friendly and ambitious environment in everything we do. So, if you want a taste of success in ACME, remember to vote for the chefs who'll cook up success and make math flavorful. Together, let's "Get the Chefs in the Kitchen" and spice up our ACME journey!

Tyler Sanders and Andrew Cherpeski

Andrew and I want to make sure ACME is a welcoming place whether you’re a senior study room regular, a freshman considering ACME, or anywhere in between. We believe in fostering a culture that better focuses on all the cool things we learn and do in ACME, rather than how hard it is, in order to be positive, welcoming, and inclusive. We also want to make ACME more efficient by helping people to deliberately coordinate homework schedules, easily network and look for jobs, and have an available pipeline for their opinions to get heard on SACME. Finally, we want to ensure that ACME has great activities for everyone, both by ensuring the continued quality (and sufficient food quantity) of ACME socials, and by also planning more regular, casual events for us to hang out at and decompress. Ultimately, we know that ACME can reach its full potential through these changes and the passionate involvement of all of us.

Junior Class Elections

Grace Baker and Trevor Larsen

I believe that ACME is more than just a major, more than just a cohort, it's a family. When I'm elected to office I promise to encourage intellectual growth, increase opportunities for social interaction, and make lots of good jokes. I also promise to ensure that Trevor answers all of your questions in the Junior core study room. My qualifications include waitressing at Oishii Sushi, embroidering cartoon pink beans, roasting teenagers when they don't want to do their math homework, and most importantly, having reduced vision in one eye. I can't wait to serve you, I'll (mostly) see you soon!

Oscar Escobar Rodriguez and Michael King

Why vote for us? We think these statements ask more for our personal convictions than being superfluous with words.

Michael: “I have always been the type of person that thrives when I am working in a group setting. I want to be an advocate for those with a similar disposition. I also want to make sure everyone feels welcome in the study room and free to work collaboratively. I sincerely hope that everyone who wants to is able to find a study group where they feel like a valuable contributor. Most of all, I want everyone to feel like they can be successful in ACME.”

Oscar: I have always thought of myself as that one guy that is not the best at something but works hard and tries various times, so that in the end, he does okay, maybe even well. I would like for others to feel and experience the same, inasmuch as that is possible. I think of leadership as just a public announcement of being a friend to all, serving others, and being held accountable to doing the best for those you represent.

Collectively, we want to be advocates for you as well as ensure that everyone can be heard, helped, welcomed, and above all feel successful in ACME. We promise to our best to help you and make the laborious and long road laid ahead of us feel easier. We look forward to sharing the load together and the laughs that will come along the way.

Eli Sampson and Abdullah Alsobour

As undergrads, their dedication clear,
To nurture math's love year by year.
With workshops, lectures, and math's sweet lore,
Their leadership shall flourish, that's for sure.
But 'tis not numbers alone that sets them high,
Tis kindness and leadership under the sky.
Eli and Abdullah, our ACME club's grace,
Presidents they'll be, in this sacred place.

Vote for Eli and Abdullah as your Junior Core President and Vice President! We are dedicated to creating an optimistic and tight knit culture for everyone in our cohort!

Joshua Hoagland and Nathan Todd

We, Joshua Hoagland and Nathan Todd at this time do petition to be entered into the running for the position of president and vice president respectively for the ACME 2023-2024 Junior Class.
Why you should vote for us:
We are incredible. We will make you incredible.

- 2023, (decoulourized) (re-coulourized)
a friendly reminder from your constituents to touch grass every once and a while.

Patrick Beal and Adam Ward

Hey everyone!! We are so excited to be on this ACME journey with you. It's been a wild ride so far and we don't anticipate much change with that. We have already seen that ACME is a place where we can thrive when we're all together. That's why we are committed to reaching out to create and deepen relationships, so we can better build one another up and help each other to be prepared to go forth and change the world through our service. Vote for us and buckle up for the best year of ACME yet!