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What is ACME?

The Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis (ACME) is an interdisciplinary degree program offered by the Mathematics Department at Brigham Young University. ACME is a program designed to create high-impact, multi-disciplinary mathematicians. it includes a common mathematics core with interdisciplinary opportunities that are ideal for students with mathematical skills and diverse interests.

Why hire ACME students?

ACME seeks to prepare students for the real world. We offer a modernized curriculum that cuts through the jargon of multiple disciplines and develops a foundational core in mathematics, statistics, and computation. Our program incorporates various team-building experiences and industrial cooperation which prepare them for internships and employment.

ACME also provides horizontal integration across multiple quantitative disciplines. This gives students a broad exposure to interdisciplinary fields while allowing students to have an individual primary area of specialization.

How can I start the recruiting process?

If you are interested in recruiting ACME students, please contact Rynell Lewis at for more information on recruiting.

"Technical leads that have known me now search out for ACME students to hire as a first preference."

Wesley Stevens, '18

"There are many programs out there which claim to prepare students for data science careers only to send them into the job market woefully underprepared.... But ACME students, on the other hand, have passed our technical interviews with flying colors and have shown they have the ability to solve hard problems."

Anonymous Employer

Job offers made to our students include:

Amazon Apple BiND
Biosense Webster Disney Emergent Trading Epic software
Facebook Fast Enterprises Goldman Sachs Google
Innosight Intel Lucid Software MX
Microsoft Millman OneClick Retail Oracle
Owlet Qualtrics Raytheon Recursion
Pharmaceuticals SavvySherpa Sawtooth Software US Air Force
United Health Care Wells-Fargo Zenabi Data

Internships offered to our students included:

Amazon Apple Church of Jesus Christ
Cobalt Speech Emergent Trading Facebook
Federal Reserve Bank of New York FBI Fortem
Goldman Sachs Google Healthcare
Intermountain Lucid Software MedicLife
National Security Agency Northrop Grumman Progressive Leasing
Proofpoint RDA Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Research Internships:

Brigham Young University Harvard University Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lincoln Labs Oakridge National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratory Stanford University University of California Los Angeles
University of Coimra (Portugal) University of Utah

"During my internship...I felt much more prepared to contribute than my peers because of all the things I had learned in ACME, specifically about probability and programming."

Jacob Murri, '21

"The applied math skills that I obtained in the program are incredibly valuable. I’ve never run into a mathematical situation in my graduate degree or an internship where I had not at least seen it during my undergraduate degree. I think ACME is a great program for students who are interested in applying math to real-world scenarios."

McKell Woodland ‘18