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Curriculum Materials

Course Outlines
Textbook and Lab Manuals
Materials 2023-2024

Here is a general outline of the topics covered by each year-long course. The outlines for Volumes 1 and 2 are followed fairly closely, since the textbooks for those courses are complete. The outlines for Volumes 3 and 4 may vary from year to year as we refine the courses and update material to reflect the latest developments in the field.

The textbooks for ACME are being published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

The lab manuals and other materials are freely available at

Getting Started - Windows
Getting Started - Mac

* = Python Essentials

** = Data Science Essentials

Junior Labs

For BYU students, customized Volume 1 data files can be found here and Volume 2 data files can be found here.

For Prospective Adopters, Volume 1 and 2 data files can be found here.

***Labs are due at 9:00 am 1 week after they are assigned unless the next week is a slack week, then it is 2 weeks after. For example, UNIX Shell 1 is due on September 6th, but Linear Transformations is due October 11th.

Fall Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 1 Lab (Tuesday)Volume 2 Lab (Thursday)
109/04/2023**UNIX Shell 1*Intro to Python
209/11/2022*Standard Library*NumPy
409/25/2022*Exceptions/IO*Unit Testing
510/02/2022Linear TransformationsLinked Lists
610/09/2022SLACK DAYBSTs
710/16/2022Linear SystemsSLACK DAY
810/23/2022The QR DecompositionNearest Neighbors
910/30/2022Least Squares and Computing EigenvaluesBreadthFirstSearch
1011/06/2022Image SegmentationMarkov Chains
1111/13/2022The SVD and Image Compression**UNIX Shell 2
1311/27/2022Facial Recognition using EigenfacesSampling
1412/04/2022*Data VisualizationDFT

Winter Semester

Senior Labs

For BYU Students, customized Volume 3 data files can be found here and Volume 4 data files can be found here.

Fall Semester

WeekDate (of First Day)Volume 3 (Tuesday)Volume 4 (Thursday
109/04/2023Pandas 1: IntroAnimation
209/11/2023Pandas 2: PlottingIntro to IVP and BVP Solvers
309/18/2023Pandas 3: Grouping and Pivot TablesSIR
409/25/2023Info + WordleIVP
510/02/2023Pandas 4: GeopandasSLACK DAY
710/16/2023SKLearn and LSILorenz
810/23/2023RF and Decision TreesBifurcation
910/30/2023Data Cleaning and FEFinite Difference
1011/06/2023ParallelWave Eqn
1111/13/2023SLACK DAYHeat Eqn
1412/04/2023Logistic RegressionFinite Element

Winter Semester