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What is ACME?
The Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis (ACME) is an interdisciplinary degree program offered by the Mathematics Department at Brigham Young University.

This program is designed to create high-impact, multidisciplinary mathematicians. It includes a common mathematics core. It includes a common mathematics core with interdisciplinary opportunities that are ideal for students with mathematical skills and diverse interests. These opportunities include connecting with research in many different departments across campus. Spanning a broad spectrum from biology to political science, students who are a part of the Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis can begin learning math that is tailored towards

"I think one of the major benefits of the ACME program is that it is very intentional in its build-up of essential topics in analysis, optimization, data science, and control theory. Within the text, the topics are well-explained and are demonstrated with very helpful examples and notes. The motivation for each topic is given and further justified as topics are integrated throughout the progression of the curriculum. I find myself often going back to my ACME textbooks for references and examples as I run across topics in grad school that I need a refresher on.”

Tyler Mansfield '20

“I did not want to major in math because I thought the only job you can get with a math degree was teaching or research. ACME is a perfect intersection between math and technology and exactly what I had been looking for.''

Joe Housely `23