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Student Placement After Graduation

ACME graduates have been very successful in their chosen pathway, whether that be graduate school, internships, jobs, or research positions.

Graduate School

ACME graduates often do graduate degrees in either pure and applied mathematics, but they have also done graduate work in a variety of disciplines including biostatistics, computational biology, computer science, economics, electrical engineering, geology, machine learning, marketing, math education, petroleum engineering, and statistics.

Some of the graduate schools our students have have been accepted to include:

Arizona State University · Carnegie Mellon University · Columbia University · Duke University · Georgia Institute of Technology · Harvard University · Johns Hopkins University · Michigan State University · Northwestern University · Ohio State University · Oregon State University · Rice University · Rochester Institute of Technology · Syracuse University · Texas A&M University · University of Arizona · U C Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego · University of Chicago · University of Denver · University of Maryland · University of Michigan · University of Texas Austin · University of Utah · University of Washington · Virginia Tech

We've had several top-notch students from BYU join our graduate programs in both Mathematics and Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics. These students come in very well prepared for graduate school, and they have made strong contributions to academic life in our department.
Peter D Miller - Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan
The applied math skills that I obtained in the program are incredibly valuable. I’ve never run into a mathematical situation in my graduate degree or an internship where I had not at least seen it during my undergraduate degree. I think ACME is a great program for students who are interested in applying math to real-world scenarios.
McKell Woodland '18
In my graduate degree [Biostatistics at Berkeley] I have classmates who graduated from Ivy League schools who are constantly baffled by the breadth of topics in computer science, mathematics, and statistics I’ve been exposed to and the understanding I’ve retained.... I really am super grateful for ACME. It prepared me better than I could have imagined for grad school.
Tyler Mansfield '20


Some of the companies that have hired our students include:

Epic · FAST Enterprises · Raytheon · Lucid Software · Microsoft · Goldman Sachs · Qualtrics · Progressive Leasing · Techcyte · Emergent Trading · Apple · Aurora Flight Sciences · Capital One · Enveda Biosciences · Google · Intel · John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory · Double River Investments · Neighbor · Owlet Baby Care


Some of the companies that have hired our students include:

Intermountain Healthcare · Lucid Software · BYU · Microsoft · Amazon · Google · The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints · Emergent Trading · Sandia National Laboratories · Facebook · Intel · Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory · AT&T · Cobalt Speech · Derivita · Epic · Exxon Mobil · Federal Reserve Bank · Goldman Sachs · McKinsey & Co. · MIT Lincoln Laboratory · Owlet Baby Care · Progressive Leasing · Raytheon · Recursion Pharmeceuticals · Special Technologies Lab

Research Internships

Some of the places our students have done research internships include:

BYU · Harvard University · Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs · Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory · Lincoln Labs · Oakridge National Laboratory · Sandia National Laboratory · Stanford University · University of California Los Angeles · University of Coimra (Portugal) · University of Utah