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Advisory Board

Randy Beard
BYU Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor

Natalie Blades
BYU Statistics, Assistant Professor

Gus Hart
BYU Physics and Astronomy, Professor

Tim McLain
BYU Mechanical Engineering, Professor

Kevin Seppi
BYU Computer Science, Department Chair

David Bailey
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Davis

Oscar Chavez
Illinois State University

Ken Ehlert
Managing Partner at Savvysherpa Inc.

McKay Hyde
Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

Carol Meyers
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Travis Oliphant
Co-founder and CEO of Continuum Analytics

Allen Robinson
Sandia National Laboratories

Rick Evans
Senior Research Fellow and Director of Open Policy, Center for Growth and Opportunity, Utah State University;
Open Source Economics Laboratory, Director
Open Research Group, Inc., President