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Political Science

Course Requirements
Major Academic Plan
Career Paths

Complete the following courses:

ECON 110 : Economic Principles and Problems (3:3:0)
POLI 200 : Political Inquiry (4:3:1)

Complete two of the following courses:

POLI 306R : Data Visualization (3:3:1)
POLI 328 : Statistical Analysis (4:3:1)
POLI 317 : Public Opinion and Voting Behavior (3-4:3:Arr.)
POLI 318 : Campaigns and Elections (3:3:0)
POLI 344 : Comparative Political Economy (3:3:0)
POLI 444 : The Political Economy of Development (3:3:0)

**A double major in this field will also be accepted.

Coming soon!

After graduation, students have gone into the both the workforce and graduate programs. These are some of the career paths that graduates from this concentration have followed:

Programmer Analyst
Systems Engineer