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Course Requirements
Major Academic Plan
Career Paths

There are two different concentrations of Physics:

Complete the following courses:

PHSCS 121: Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics (3:3:1)
PHSCS 220: Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism (3:3:0)

Complete two of the following courses:

PHSCS 222: Modern Physics (3:3:0)
PHSCS 321: Mechanics (3:3:0)
PHSCS 360: Statistical and Thermal Physics (3:3:0)
PHSCS 471: Principles of Optics (3:3:1)
PHSCS 441: Electrostatics and Magnetism (3:3:0)
PHSCS 442: Electrodynamics (3:3:0)
PHSCS 451: Quantum Mechanics (3:3:0)

Complete the following courses:

Physics 123: Introduction to Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics (3:3:1)
Physics 461: Introduction to Acoustics (3:3:0)

Complete two of the following courses:

PHSCS 560: Acoustical Measurement Methods (3:3:Arr Lab)
PHSCS 561: Fundamentals of Acoustics (3:3:0)
EC EN 380: Signals and Systems (4:3:3)

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After graduation, students have gone into the both the workforce and graduate programs. The following table shows some of the career paths our graduates from this concentration have followed:

Job Title

Master's Degree Subject

Implementation Consultant/Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

Software Engineer

Applied Data Science