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Business Strategy

Course Requirements
Major Academic Plan
Career Paths

Complete all of the following courses:

STRAT 401 - Strategy 1      
(3:3:0) STRAT 402 - Strategy Analytics 1     
(3:3:0) STRAT 411- Strategy 2        
(3:3:0) STRAT 421 - Strategy Implementation (3:3:0) 

* A double major in this field will also be accepted.  Note: In order to take these classes, you must first apply for and be admitted to the strategy minor. It may be possible to waive some prerequisites for that minor.  Questions regarding waiving a prerequisite for these classes or making a substitution for other minor classes (such as substituting Stats 201 with a more advanced class) should be directed to Lisa Giguere ( who will put you in touch with the appropriate individuals for your request. 

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Coming soon!