Student Advisory Committee of ACME

Our mission is to initiate a strong, ongoing network of students committed to apply mathematics in pursuit of academic excellence and the betterment of society.


Free Laptop Sticker: If you want a free ACME laptop sticker, give us your mailing address here and we’ll mail you one.

Who can join SACME: Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis students including those who have not yet started the ACME Junior core are all welcome to join SACME.

What we do: We advise the faculty on how to make ACME better. We help students through the program, and we organize activities and events for students. And we connect with alumni and other friends of ACME. Our goal is to form a strong network of students and alumni that work together to help improve ACME and to help give ACME students support and access to great opportunities both at BYU and beyond.